Do Your Research!

This entire crypto economy is based on speculation at this point.  Make sure to do your own research before getting into the game.  Here are a few suggestions to get started.  

Check trends & charts from the past

Before I started buying any bitcoin at all, I read article after article to make sure I was making the right choice.  Once I realized that most legit coins were gaining ground, I decided it was time to get this project started.  There are a few different websites to gather this information from.  If you find some on your own, please go to the forum and share them with the community. is a great place to start.  Not only can you view prices of all coins, you can can also view the biggest gainers and losers on the day.  This can help you with making your decision on your investments.  You can also click the link to each coins website to do your own research and decide if this may be a company that will move past the competition.  There are bad coins out there and even scams.  Be warned and do your own research.

Check other crypo currency communities

Most of my learning on the internet starts with reading forums.  You will need to look past the trolls and make your own choices but it can be very useful to see other people views, suggestions and tips first hand.  If you learn a great tip from another community or author, please share it with us on our forum.

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Join Social Media

Social media is the fastest growing source of info in the world!  We suggest joining a few social media groups to stay up to date with current news and trends.  Please check back soon for our recommendations and selections in the upcoming weeks.

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